The only thing cooler than getting carded the day I turned 44 was when it happened again the day I turned 60!   ...and here's the best part:   there isn't one single thing about me that's different from anybody else, except for the things I've discovered after the fact -- in other words, I saw the results and had to back into figuring out why.  

My author's bio on the back cover of the book says I'm a research junkie and that's the truth.  When I get interested in something, I'm relentless, trying to find out who, what, when ,where and why.  And I think I've discovered why it is that nobody ever imagines I'm in my mid-sixties, even "up close & personal."

There's so much I want to share, and if my book and the things I can discuss on this website and in seminars and  the classes I have under construction even touch only a handful of people, it will have been worth it.

Much love,


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