What if ...

What if the idea of the Fountain of Youth weren't a pipe dream?

What if you could learn how to turn back the clock and actually look forward  to living longer?

What if someone had already done it? 

What if they offered you step-by-step instructions?

          That's me in the picture up above.  There are sunbeams shining on my face through the Elephant Ear plants and I'm not        particularly photogenic, but the reason I use that picture is because it was taken in 2010  just before I turned  60 years old. 

          This site is a place where I hope we can all grow and learn together -- I am a self-confessed "research junkie" and over the past twenty years I've uncovered a lot of amazing information that I hope you'll let me share, and I'll be adding content as new things emerge.  I think of my book as the tip of the iceberg, but if you want some very clear instructions for how to "find the sweet spot and stay there" that's the place to start. 


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